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National Transition Event Launches

The Youth Transition Network (YTN) is a coalition of over 50 national ministries that have come together to prepare, motivate and transition our graduating youth, so that they remain a vital part of the Body of Christ. A new initiative makes this goal attainable for youth ministries across the country.

YTN is launching the OnDemand version of its national preparation and transition webcast event (called LiveAbove) that helps students look into the future at the changes, challenges and opportunities they have to connect with a new Christian community wherever they're headed to after high school graduation.

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On February 7th, 2009, YTN broadcast “LiveAbove” live over the Internet with a rebroadcast on February 9th, allowing youth ministries and Christian schools to be local host sites for their juniors, seniors, and other students in their community. 

The event leverages research conducted by YTN and several other organizations to understand our nation’s high school students' spiritual perspectives and the challenges that are snaring them in these vital years.

LiveAbove helps students prepare for the change and challenges by:

  • Addressing the top three issues that college freshman struggle with according to Ohio State University research (social environment, academic protocol and financial management)
  • Decoding some of the reasons that such a high percentage of them take a break from or leave the church altogether
  • Preparing and motivating students to move forward in their faith
  • Providing students an opportunity to connect with college ministry leaders, so that they do not arrive alone on campus, experiencing the culture shock of total independence for the first time

This is accomplished through a fast-paced and interactive event using group discussions to involve the students in reality-based discussions that will get to the heart of the issues that cause youth to falter in their faith.  The OnDemand version of the event is broken into 8 sections which run about a half hour each with discussion questions that will take the lesson to 45 minutes long.  Each section can be viewed 5 times with your purchase.

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This interactive format allows students to evaluate, for themselves, their life trajectory, and thereby challenges them spiritually to be intentional in keeping their faith. Also, it exposes them to what options are available to assist them on campuses across the country. Before or after the event, the students can go to and enter the name of the college they plan on attending, to view the college ministries available at that campus.  They can email the leaders right withint the site and the local staff will contact each student soon after. This offers an avenue for these soon-to-be college freshmen to begin building a relationship with college ministry leaders and students, who can assist them in the transition from their youth ministry to this very different environment.

By participating, youth ministries are joining a national coalition and helping to prepare and transition their students to one of almost 5,000 college ministries on 3,000 campuses. We have invested heavily in the lives of our students. Helping them transition well will make a long-term difference in their life and help put many parents’ minds at ease as they wonder where their graduate will end up.

The Youth Transition Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to decreasing the annual loss of youth from the church following graduation and leveraging the existing infrastructure of their ministry partners to make the relational transition of youth a reality. For more information go to or